newdubhall is a sound label since 2017. experimental dub music from the far east.


Newdubhall is a sound label founded in 2017, in search for a new style of dub and to think outside the box of already made scene of reggae music.
After introducing the 7inch press “After Effect/Quiet Flame” by an experimental dub duo Undefined as the debut, it immediately became viral internationally especially in such countries as France, Germany and Switzerland and was highly praised by ZamZam Sounds in Portland, Oregon.
On April 30, 2018, a collaborated 10inch “New Culture Days” was dropped by Japanese dub music pioneer Kazufumi Kodama and Undefined, winning yet another success as soon as it welcomed its release.

同年エクスペリメンタル・ダブ・ユニットUndefinedのデビュー7インチ「After Effect / Quiet Flame」を発表。アメリカ・ポートランドのZamZam Soundsをはじめ、フランス、ドイツ、スイスなど各国の媒体に取り上げられるなど好評を得る。
2018年4月30日、第二弾のリリースとして国内ダブミュージックのパイオニアである、こだま和文とUndefinedによる共作10インチ「New Culture days」を発売。